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Poland Ultrapremium vodka, King Peter is handcrafted and is made with the highest quality ingredients. Shop for the best deal in King Peter’s Vodka.

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A unique flavour, original recipe, masterful finish and courtly image all come together to ensure that this drink is recognised worldwide as one of the great ultra-premium vodkas. It is enjoyed by the most discerning, select and refined palates the world over.

King Peter’s vodka owes its name to the founder of Saint Petersbur, Tsar Peter I The Great, known as the father of this legendary drink.



King Peter The Great Vodka

King Peter owes its name to the founder of St. Petersburg, Tsar Peter I The Great, considered as the father of this legendary drink. The story goes that during one of his military campaigns for control of the Baltic, he discovered a passion for a liquor extracted from golden rye on the Polish plains, known by the area’s inhabitants as wodka (little water).

After the Great Northern War, the Tsar didn’t hesitate to appropriate the formula and take it to St. Petersburg... Read more

To create King Peter’s Vokda are used five distillations that help to keep its flavour and unique taste.


An unrivalled process is maintained to create King Peter, using only the best and highest quality ingredients. Its smoothness and firm character are the result of extraordinary passion for the creation of spirits.
The best possible ingredients, obtained from a limited production of Dankowski rye only grown on the Polish plains, are selected for its creation.
Produced on a craft scale, the vodka is quintuple distilled to ensure that its unique flavours and aroma are retained.
The distilled liquid is filtered several times with spring water and active carbon filters, giving crystalline clarity and superior purity.



The purity and finesse strived for by all great vodkas can be appreciated. Fresh and velvety texture with light notes of spices originating in the Dankowski cultivar rye.


Clean and well rounded


Fresh and bright at all times, with a long and agreeable finish.


Alcohol By Volume: 40%


King Peter the Great Vodka is made from 100% Dankowskie golden rye, found only on the plains of Poland, and distilled five times, the optimum number to retain its unique flavour.
One of the sweetest and exquisite strawberry varieties cultivated under the Andalusian sun; mixed with King Peter Vodka, it results a new intense, refleshing and sophisticated flavor like King Peter Rosé


On the palate we find the purity and refinement that you would expect from a great vodka, with a touch of strawberry twist.


Clean and soft on the nose.


The texture is smooth and velvety.


Alcohol By Volume: 40º

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King Peter’s smooth flavours accentuate even the simplest of ingredients.

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